Doors Open in the Slums of Kenya, Africa!

When we first envisioned Wanted Alive, as some of you know, it was going to be a mobile bus operation. The idea was to be  available in College areas and not far from local places where unborn babies lose their lives by parents who are mislead to make choices they will regret. We wanted to engage with young people contemplating abortion and a have a mobile office where ultrasounds could be done and counseling given. Well, 2020 hit and many things became uncertain.  We waited to see what direction made the most sense in light of all the changes going on in our world.

2023 came around and we received a message in our Facebook page's inbox from a young woman in Kenya, Africa:

We weren't exactly sure what to think about this message: 

One, Facebook is known for people using it to scam for personal gain, so, "was this a legit message?" came to mind...

Two, If it is a legit message how would we help a woman all the way in Africa?

Well, thankfully we have a contact in Africa that I was able to reach out to and ask if he knew of a faithful woman that could, in person, verify the woman that had contacted us. 

And the door opened....

He did know a faithful woman and she just so happened to be in the same city not far from the woman that contacted us!!!! She was able to meet with her in person and verify her needs! What a joy came to our hearts! A Wanted Alive volunteer from the States also kept in communication with, (who we have been referring to as) "Kate". Our volunteer was able to be a strength and comfort to Kate as she worked through her thoughts and feelings and soon came to fall in love with the baby in her womb!!

She chose Life!

Wanted Alive gained a new volunteer named Eunice, who is the faithful woman that our contact referred us to! She diligently was by Kate's side and became our hands and feet to meet her needs.

Kate's heart was able to heal from the bitterness she had from her former circumstances.

In a very short time Kate became so joyful over keeping her child! She had a bit of a rough pregnancy with vomiting throughout her pregnancy. We did our best to help relieve this issue for her by providing her with the proper nutrients to combat the sickness. The Wanted Alive Team was so encouraged to see her grow in joy and to come along side her in this important season in her life.

Kate had a beautiful baby boy and  Wanted Alive has helped her and her two sons to have safe housing.  Now that Kate's baby is five months outside the womb, she is ready to get back to providing for her family. 

But in the meantime...

Our new volunteer Eunice began to come across other women in need like Kate.

One woman had become homeless after her husband abandoned her and their 2 children. Eunice saw this woman on the streets asking for money to get an abortion. Once again Eunice was able to be our hands and feet... she looked again for the woman to reach out to help her.... unfortunately by the time Eunice found her she was no longer pregnant, but her and her children needed to get off the streets. Wanted Alive cares for mothers even after they make the sorrowful decision to end the precious life of their unborn. We didn't want this woman to continue on the streets in devastation with 2 children.  So Eunice kindly took her and her children into her own home. Let me paint a clearer picture for you:

Eunice herself lives in what is called the Mathare slum. Here is what Eunice has shared with us about this area:

Eunice brought this woman and her two children into her own home. The space was small, but Eunice is a good representation of Wanted Alive's heart. The heart of Wanted Alive is to help people embrace the fact that true love for others requires sacrifice, and it's through making sacrifices for others that we tap into a JOY in LIFE that cannot be attained without sacrifice. 

Sacrificial living is where parents gain JOY in parenting. Sacrificial living is also where Wanted Alive gains JOY in meeting the needs of parents that are struggling to embrace their position in LIFE. 

So, now Wanted Alive is meeting the need of a Second woman and her two children. In Africa the children attend schools with a yearly fee. It is important for these single mothers that their children go to school so that the Mother can earn a living while the children are in school learning. We have provided a rental "home" (The shacks made of metal you saw pictured above are rental homes) for this second woman and schooling for her children as she is getting help to recover from the street life of drugs, etc.


Eunice met another woman who was so desperate she thought to sell off her daughter so she could afford treatment she needed from receiving injuries from an accident that left her in much pain. This woman had also fell into the trap of being pimped in her desperation to meet her needs to survive. She became pregnant from such activity...Eunice came into her life in her desperate time of need and again took her also into her home and her daughter. She loved and cared for this woman's daughter as her own and did her best to help the woman with her physical needs. After a time of receiving such tender care from Eunice this woman is so grateful to be free from the trauma and darkness of the "whore" house she subjected herself to live in. She is about 4 months pregnant and Wanted Alive has been helping her maintain her pregnancy with proper nutrition. We are also providing her with her own rental home in the slums with her daughter.

Monthly Costs for these three women and their six children....

So, that is the story of how the door opened for Wanted Alive to start meeting the needs of women in the slums of Kenya, Africa. Oftentimes when we get inspirations for making positive changes in the world we only see the begining of the story and the story takes an unexpected twist...

But we like this twist! 

Wanted Alive is going through the door...We want to continue to help these ladies in the Mathare slums and we hope you do to!

We really need the Team-work to keep this Dream-work ALIVE...being a newer Non-profit with limited resources and the increasing needs, our resources are greatly dwindling.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor.

Currently it is costing about $400 a month to meet the needs of these 4 women and 6 children including Dear Eunice who we see fit to help meet her basic needs as these ladies could not have been encouraged in the way they were without her! This cost includes the monthly rent for each woman and her children as well as their monthly food needs. 


is to help these ladies be self-sufficient, able to work and provide for their needs and the needs of their children. We believe there are enough caring people out here willing to join the Team to see this happen!

So here's the vision: (and you've already seen the kind of twists visions can this will be interesting...)

To purchase a shop that these women can work together at and earn income to meet their needs. Cost of living is going up everywhere, but still their monthly rent is between $16-50 each,  a month!! 

In the States some of us may spend that in a day on something we could have easily lived without....but that little bit of $ means a safe place for a mother and her 2 children to rest their heads at night. Another thing you should know is these rentals are worse off then buildings some of us keep farm animals in. But to them it is relief, hope and safety

Foreseeing  that more and more women in desperate situations within these slums will be needing help from Wanted Alive, we want to do what we can to help these women value their own life as well as the lives of their children. This needs to be done in a sustainable way. That is why WA hopes through providing a shop for these women to work from, will not only provide for the present women, but the women who have yet to knock on our door. 

If we can bring together $10,000 to purchase the needed store front and materials for business this would be a dream come true!


This dream will relieve WA of a financial burden while enabling mothers and children to have their basic life needs met. When the basics are met the heart can rest and enjoy LIFE!! Something everyone on earth should have the freedom to do, enjoy life because their basic needs are met.

Enjoy the photos and consider becoming a monthly donor or throwing out a one time donation to help fulfill the Dream.

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Baby Save! "Kate's" Baby!

Meet the children!!

And here's 👇 our Dear Eunice, and some of the ladies she's taking care for!