Wanted Alive INC is a 501 c3 non-profit established to provide education, awareness, and support for moms, dads, and mothers to be, so they can care for their children personally or find suitable families to adopt. We are able to assist in various ways including, obtaining free ultrasounds to help identify the life of the unborn & free pregnancy testing and resources.

Wanted Alive Inc was birthed in the hearts of a number of friends as we each had a burden for babies that were/are treated worse than household trash. Our interests were fueled in our travels to South America where we help provide clean and safe drinking water through our other non-profit organization. There, we heard of women who had little to no support during pregnancy and also that a local doctor was killing (“aborting”) babies for teen girls.

As we began to research abortion, it became evident that there is a strong and dark force destroying lives in large numbers on a daily basis.  The voices of fathers pleading for their unborn are neglected & silenced.

Women are being abused, and even killed in the process of killing 

(“aborting”) babies! Many women and men do not have the support they need to feel confident in making the choice to keep their children. We believe that each child is not only a miracle of life but a special gift. We don't know the possibility and capability of the unborn, and to destroy that life is to destroy a Being that had a purpose to fulfill. You never know if that child would have discovered a cure for a disease, invented a useful life-changing product, or would have been used to save your very own life… 

We want men & women to be educated regarding the joy of bringing a child into the world--the joy of being a mother and a father! We want them to know they don't have to do this alone, and that there are people like us that care for them and are ready to help.  If you are a parent that is struggling don't be afraid to reach out and see how we can help.

We are a small group of people, volunteering our time and talents, in hopes of providing the support many women and men need in this world to preserve and nurture precious life.

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