Congratulations! You have life growing within your womb. You may be experiencing a variety of emotions ranging from excitement to fear, frustration, and perhaps even indifference. Motherhood is a great calling, opportunity, and responsibility. Unfortunately, as a result of life experiences, there are many who do not understand the purpose of motherhood and overlook it. Many others, do not have the support necessary to feel equipped for their child. We are here to support, provide and direct you to the resources to help you throughout your pregnancy and journey as a mother.

If you are considering an abortion, we want you to know that there are other options that prioritize the preservation of your child's life as well as your well-being. Murder is not the resolution to the current conflict you're feeling. Your circumstance, although very unique, is also not uncommon. We understand that, and are concerned for your physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing as a woman! There are many women who have had to make decisions in such a delicate situation and prioritized the life of the innocent one growing within them. We would be privileged to walk this journey with you and to connect you with other women to empower you in making the right decisions for you life and that of your child.

What about my goals, aspirations, and dreams?

Pregnancy is not a reason for not pursuing one's goals. The expectation and arrival of your child do not necessarily mean that your aspirations must die. On the contrary, consider that you have someone else to share your hopes with. There is a lie that persists in which some women are convinced that their goals and aspirations must take precedence over the upbringing of their children. But consider that there is no other edifying and long-lasting service than pouring into your child, and watching them grow into productive members of society who influence positive change and generations. Now that is phenomenal and extends beyond you as an individual! We care for you and want to assure you that all is not lost. There is much hope, and hope must be kept alive.

What is best for my baby?

What is best for your baby is their chance at life. It is no coincidence that the safest place your baby can be is within your womb to be nurtured. Please do not rob them of that. If you do decide to keep your child but are not sure you can raise them, there are many who would love to adopt and/or co-raise your child with you.

Please reach out here, and we will be in contact with you shortly to discuss the support you need and how we can meet that. We are excited for you and only have your best interest at heart.

Please watch this fascinating video to learn about life before birth!

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